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My Book Reading - For the love of India

For the love of India : The Life and Times of Jamshetji Tata by R.M. Lala "A small man in a big position pulls down others. The big man, the fearless man, the man inspired with a purpose bigger than himself, enables others to grow, make mistakes and learn and go ahead." This statement highlights the life of Jamshetji Tata, the man who almost single handedly brought industrial revolution in India, dreamed of such projects which look beyond ordinary even after 100+ years and laid a foundation to realize them even after his death. Some of his golden projects include - Indian Institute of Science, Banglore - Tata Steel - Hydro-electric plant to provide power to Mumbai - The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel - Empress Mills Through these projects he changed the definition of entrepreneurship in India and  helped a nation believe in itself. In his book, R.M. Lala  provides an insight into this great man's life and his work. The author takes us through the journey of Mr. J. N. Tata pa