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My Soldierathon 2023 Experience: A Marathon for a Cause

The Capriccio Gang Back: Shreyas, Sharad, Indivar, Jyoti Front: Nimesh, Samarth, Aurnab, Neha The Pre-Phase It all started when I came across following post in one of the WA group about the CME Soldierathon organized by Fitistan . Having already run Lokmat Marathon earlier this year, we were waiting for the winter to arrive to participate in the next marathon. The chance to go inside the CME campus which is usually closed for civilians inspired us to enthusiastically participate in this event. The event was aimed at raising funds and awareness for the paraplegics, who are the soldiers who have lost their limbs or mobility due to war or accidents. After doing the registrations for our Capriccio gang, on Dec 9, we visited PRC (Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center) to collect the BIB and Goodies bag.  At the venue on the D-Day #RuknaManaHai At PRC to collect BIB The Start The marathon day arrived soon. While my body and mind were not exactly in an ideal conditions, somehow things fell in lin