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Book Review - Siddhartha

  Reference - This is a book written by the renowned German author Herman Hesse in 1922. It is a timeless classic. The spiritual journey of a young boy in search of an enlightenment is still very much relevant today. I came across this book through one of the book reading sessions at Microsoft. Book manages to make the experiences of a young boy in his adventurous and searching life very visual and lively. The boy, Siddhartha, starts his journey from his father's home and meets a range of people, traveling to different places, each experience bringing certain changes in his life. As I continued reading, the places and characters in the book became very much alive. They all leave a definite footprints in our minds.  Through the journey of this young boy, the author takes us through various aspects of our lives, from richness to poverty, from an ordinary ferryman to an exalted Buddha. In most part, the langu