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3 Phases of a Newborn

As my son approaches his first birthday, my mind rewinds all the moments associated with him since I took him in my hands just 15 minutes after his birth. Since then there isn't a single day when I haven't seen him, which allowed me to observe his natural growth over the one year. I have divided the growth in 3 different phases: 1. Dependent Phase The first four months describe this phase. The child has just come into this world. He is getting used to the day-night schedule, lights and sounds, faces and expressions. He remains confined to whichever place you take him to, relying mostly on mother's milk for food, sleeping for almost 14 hours a day, this is the quietest phase of his childhood. They slowly develop their vision and hearing capabilities. Most of their instincts rely on the feeling of touch. They are yet to identify their parents, and therefore do not hesitate spending time with others. Best Part: Playing with his tiny and delica