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The 'Work From Home'​ Experience

Throughout my career as software developer over last 13+ years, my employers have actively encouraged the use of 'Work-From-Home' whenever required and I had used extensively. But the 2020 is different. I started WFH from March 17 hoping that this will go on for a month. But by April, it was pretty clear that WFH is not going away soon. Initial month was a bit hectic with working in multiple time zones on tight project deadline. The prolonged isolation has its effects on the productivity and health. Then the school started in June. For a week I observed the routine of my son during the online classes. He would get ready before the class, have his uniform and change it once the classes are over. This caught my attention, and I have tried to follow this to come out of the 'Pajama-habit'. Treat the office time similar to how I used to do it before the lock down, minus actual travel. Do exercise/yoga/walk in the morning Get ready before being active on office network. Menta