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Bhutan - The land of happiness

We visited this beautiful country during November 2018, and it turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences. This mountain country is neither too rich not too poor. It has monarchy with democratic government reporting to the King. Bhutan is what India could be with lesser population, better respect for each other and gratitude. Bhutan is located between India and China, and is well connected by road with India. Roads in Bhutan are maintained in collaboration with India under Dantak project. We were lucky to have Pasang Tshering (or PK) as our guide and friend there. He took care of all the travels, hotel accommodations and food. He also made us familiar with the Bhutanese culture, history and art. Bhutan was the first country visited by India's current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and PK  was quite happy about this! Reaching Bhutan: The only airport of Bhutan is in the hilly regions of Paro, and Druk Air provides flights from Delhi/Kolkata, though these

An Era of Web Series

The 80s and 90s generation of Indian kids, like me, had only TV as a source of entertainment, apart from cinema. Despite availability of limited channels, we watched some of the classics during the early years, like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Tehkikaat, Mr Yogi, Nukkad, Chandrakanta, Shaktimaan, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Rangoli, Byomkesh Bakshi, Surbhi and few others. Such was the time that, timings of these serials were known to everyone, and accordingly people would plan their routine. I grew up in a chawl, and when TV had issues, we even went to neighbours home so that episode is not missed. That was an era of TV series with finite episodes, mostly on Doordarshan. No matter how much is the popularity of a series, it will end. Then came globalisation, and along with arrival of new channels. This gave rise to 24x7 entertainment, movie and news channels. It was nothing sort of revolution in Indian entertainment industry, with billions of money flowing into it. From content quality point-of-view,