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The curious care of YU

This is a very interesting account of sadistic customer experience with YU Televentures Pvt Ltd. This unfortunate story started when I placed an order on  for YUFit Band on Aug 05, 2015. Device: YUFit Band Amount (after discount): 999/- Billing Name: Nimesh Desai December 2015 The device worked fine for sometime, but then it developed bluetooth issue for some reason. The device won't connect to phone, thus making it practically not useful. Thus I raised a ticket on the support system via customer care, and device was ultimately picked up on December 03, 2015. They asked (through ) bank details and related information for refund, and like in case of other online distributors, I was hopeful of receiving refund in 3-7 days. Name of bank account: Nimeshkumar Desai But I didn't receive the refund. Nor was any response from them about the whereabouts of device and refund. It was only the beginning of unprofessional


Nehru once told Tata that he hated the word profit.  “Jawaharlal, I am talking about the need of the public sector making a profit,” Tata shot back.  “Never talk to me about the word profit; it is a dirty word,” Nehru retorted.  Tata, unsure of the prime minister’s socialist bent of mind, turned down his invitation to join a delegation to the United Nations on the ground that there was so much to do inside the country. Giving the same argument, he declined Nehru’s invitation to head Indian Rare Earths, one of the first public sector units floated after Independence. In turn, Tata’s Air India, Air India International and insurance outfit were nationalized by the government. -  (Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's discussion with JRD Tata) This was the seed of socialism that had crippled the country since Independence. It took almost 44 years for the country to come out