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The Engineering Admission Guide

Ever since I graduated, every year I receive queries regarding engineering admissions. This blog is a sincere effort to highlight some of the key points to be considered during admissions. The suggestions are based on my personal experiences and observations. Institute name matters, Always No matter what course you actually get engaged with, it’s the name of your alma mater that matters. It is this institute which will be a part of your resume for the rest of your life. It’s not that very good institutes have altogether different syllabus or teaching methodologies. But there are other things which make them special: There will be few professors who are exceptionally good in their field of work. Their guidance can do wonders. Being a top institute, it will attract the best talent with whom you’ll be interact on regular basis. You’ll get a lot of learning from your batch mates, seniors and juniors. You’ll be able exposed to better companies for your i