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My Covid Test Experience

I have had sore throats many a times in last few years, mainly because I have allergic reaction to cold water/drink, curb, ice cream etc especially when taken during night. Sometimes I also get sore throat due to weather change. In last 5 months itself since Covid spread started, I had it for few times. And I recovered in a few days. When I had sore throat feeling on September 14, I had already gone into an isolation in my home as a precautionary measures. I also decided to consult a doctor. The doctor advised me to get the Covid test done immediately, either through a private lab or at the government hospital, mainly because of prevalent Covid situation in Pune.  Rapid Antigen Test So after 175 days of lock down and 190 days of first Covid case in Pune, I went to Khivansara Patil Government Hospital near Water Tank in Wakad on the morning of September 15 to get my test done. The Center usually opens at around 9:00 am and doctors come at 10:00 am.  Do not go inside the hospital for the