Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Akshar Bharati Community Library

Akshar Bharati is a social initiative started by few IT professionals which provides very good opportunity for the volunteers to get connected with little kids and spread knowledge by setting up libraries for them.

Akshar Bharati provides one-bookshelf libraries that can be easily managed. Each library consists of 700+ books in English and local language (Marathi, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu) and costs INR 25,000/-. Book selection is done by volunteers with the help of school teachers and the bookset is designed with the basic aim of nurturing reading habits among the kids of age 5 to 15 years. This initiative was started from Pune, Maharashtra and has now setup 350+ libraries across India and has benefited 40000+ kids through 2,40,00 books.

While working on Akshar Bharati, we realized that there is a section of urban society which does not have access to good reading material. This includes people around us like support staff, maids, security people, drivers and others. Also we could only accommodate a limited number of books in an Akshar Bharati library, but there is a need to have access to a greater number of books. Akshar Bharati volunteers were working on these requirements for sometime and recently a new initiative has been launched in the form of a community library in the Baner area of Pune.

Akshar Bharati Community Library (ABCL) is an initiative by Akshar Bharati  to provide access to a good array of books across genres to you and your support staff through you, blending the reading habits with community service . This is our way of contributing to the India’s Vision 2020 of being a developed and self sufficient nation.

ABCL Concept
  • INR 100/Month Donation to be a member
  • Suffice the need of a good community library
  • Sponsor support staff by donating membership fees – They work hard to support you, it’s a gratitude gift of knowledge
  • Build a stronger ecosystem through knowledge sharing between sections of the community
  • Three working models to address the Corporate, Housing Societies as well as Individuals

ABCL Highlights
  • Extensive collection of books across genres for all ages and groups of people
  • Online portal with a detailed portfolio of books : http://abcl.aksharbharati.org
  • Doorstep Delivery for Corporate as well as Housing Society Models – Once a week
  • Computer & Internet Access at ABCL premises
  • Platform for companies, societies and individuals to spread knowledge through community development classes

A-202 Mitrangan,
Opposite Cafe-Coffee Day,
Baner Road, Baner, Pune - 411045

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